OBD11 dongle recommendation

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I’m sure you found this, which is a list of what you can do with the software on the OBDeleven website:

https://obdeleven.com/en/supported-vehi ... brand=seat
It’s all pretty intuitive via to OBD11 app.

There’s also a couple of YouTube videos in Italian with a guy showing how to activate Travel Assist I’ve not tried that yet as I’m not a fan of these kinds of driver aids.

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There is a thread here somewhere to activate travel assist and to get the car to remember it's last lane assist setting so it doesn't come on at every ignition cycle if you turn it off, as I contributed to the thread, which tells you everything. It's easy with the long coding function (no credits required). Travel assist is a complete waste of time unless you have a capacitative steering wheel (which you almost certainly won't have), because the car will think you're driving with no hands on the steering wheel if it can't detect your hands on the steering wheel with no capacitative wheel.
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