Upgraded alloys & seat covers !

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Post by Ricky22buk » Wed Jun 01, 2022 8:57 am

Hi guys,

Get my V2 Born next week and am genuinely looking forward to it. My first EV ! When a fill up in my old car hit £100, it was time for a change ! LOL

The two things I would like are ungraded 20" alloys (as I don't like my 19" V2 alloys), and a decent seat cover as my work clothes do tend to get dirty.

If you are in the UK and for any reason don't like your 20's and would prefer 19's, get in touch, and maybe we could agree a swap !

Obviously with the car being so new my googling hasn't produced many results, so if you can help or suggest anything with regards wheels or seat covers I'd be grateful.

Ive even googled VW id3 upgraded aftermarket alloys (I assume the fit would be the same as the Born), which again didn't produce many results.

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