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Technology is at the forefront of CUPRA Born – a suite of safety and convenience systems means it’s a high-performance vehicle that’s easy to live with in daily life and one of the safest vehicles on the road.

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The range of assistance systems is expansive and all encompassing; Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control, Travel Assist***, Side and Exit Assist***, Traffic Sign Recognition, Emergency Assist*** and Pre-Crash Assist; all work together to give valuable information to the driver and keep occupants safe. All visual warnings are displayed in the driver’s line of sight via the augmented reality head-up display system.

Onboard systems use data supplied both from an array of integrated sensors – radar, camera or ultrasonic – and information fed from online sources to build a picture of the vehicle’s surroundings and protect the occupants from possible hazards.

The Predictive Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) system positions the CUPRA Born based on route and GPS data delivered from the navigation system. This allows the vehicle to change its speed depending on the road layout ahead, including bends, roundabouts, junctions, speed limits and built-up areas. The intelligent system can also adjust vehicle speed when the speed limit changes using inputs from the front-mounted camera and Traffic Sign Recognition technology.

Travel Assist uses information from ACC and Lane Assist to actively keep the vehicle in the centre of the lane and adjust speed to the flow of traffic.

Side and Exit Assist technology helps to ‘fill the gap’ of the driver’s blind spots, giving a visual and audible warning if a manoeuvre is started but the vehicle detects an object out of view. Exit Warning gives an acoustic warning if someone or something is approaching the CUPRA Born when parked and an occupant goes to leave the vehicle.

Emergency Assist ensures the driver remains focused and in control of the vehicle when behind the wheel. If no driver input is detected, audio and visual warnings will be given. If there is no input from the driver, the system initiates braking jolts. If there are still no inputs, the vehicle will come to a complete stop and activate the hazard warning lights. Once stationary, the vehicle will contact the emergency services using the eCall system.

All the systems have been designed to create an exceptional standard of safety without the feeling of control being taken away from the driver.

Additional systems include; High Beam Assist that automatically switches between high- and low-beams if it detects vehicles ahead (both oncoming and those travelling in the same direction); a Top View Camera*** which gives a 360-degree view of the vehicle to make manoeuvring simpler; and Intelligent Park Assist***, which will automatically park the vehicle, to ensure convenience as well as safety is embedded into the heart of CUPRA Born.

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